Standard slideshow tribute: up to 60 images

$215.00 inc GST

  • 60 images
  • 1 song (3-4 minutes long)
  • Photo tidy up as needed
  • Fast digital delivery
  • USB keepsake

Extended slideshow tribute: up to 120 images

$250.00 inc GST

  • 120 images
  • 2 songs (7-8 minutes long)
  • Photo tidy up as needed
  • Fast digital delivery
  • USB keepsake

Looping slideshow

$275.00 inc GST

  • Up to 200 images
  • A good option if you have a large number of images you’d like to share at an event following the main memorial service
  • Fast digital delivery
  • USB keepsake

How it works

Step 1

Place your order.

Step 2

Upload your images.

Step 3

We create your beautiful tribute slideshow.

Step 4

We deliver your tribute slideshow to you and your funeral director via secure digital delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which slideshow should I choose?

We have options available for one or two songs, as well as a long looping slideshow.

Our slideshows are timed to allow enough time for your friends and family to enjoy each precious photo.

If you are considering our Extended slideshow, we recommend checking with your funeral consultant to ensure there is plenty of time in the service for the longer slideshow. 

When will I receive my slideshow?

Downloadable slideshow

We work with you to make sure you receive your downloadable slideshow in time for the funeral or memorial.

When placing an order you will be asked the date of the funeral or memorial.

It is recommendend for your order to be placed no later than three days before it is needed – allowing time for you to check over the slideshow, and for the funeral arranger or venue staff to load the file into their system.

USB copy

You will receive your keepsake USB copy within 2-3 weeks by Auspost. USB copies are currently only provided for orders in Australia.

Will the slideshow work on my device / TV?

Yes, your slideshow video file will be playable on any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. You can either view online, or download the file for offline playback.

Most TVs can also play the video file fram a USB drive.

Technical specs

If you’re technically-minded, you may wish to know the file specs:

~300MB file size for our Standard slideshow.

Are your slideshows made by real people?

Yes! We’re a family business based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are not an app that automates everything – leaving things to chance. We look at every one of your photos – taking the utmost care to make sure that they are presented beautifully.

If you send scanned photos, we’ll crop out the borders. If a photo is faded, we’ll add contrast to make it display correctly.


What are your file upload specs?

We accept just about any file format. We’ll let you know if we can’t use something you have sent.

.jpeg, .png, .heic, .tiff and others.

 .mp4, .mov, .wmv and others.

To help your slideshow look it’s best, follow these handy tips:

  • send high quality photos
  • avoid using SMS or WhatsApp when sourcing photos from family members and friends to go into the slideshow. This drastically reduces the image quality.
  • Ask to have images sent to you via Dropbox or Google Drive, or via email using the ‘orginal size’ option if available.
Do you offer physical photo scanning?

Due to the quick turnaround time ususally required for slideshows, we do not offer physical photo scanning. 

How to scan photos using your phone

If you don’t have a flatbed scanner, you can use a free app called PhotoScan by Google Photos. 

This will help you achieve very good results when digitising your physical photos.

PhotoScan on the iPhone App Store

PhotoScan on the Google Play Store


We’re here to help

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Hundreds of families served

Thank you so much!

Heartfelt thanks

There are not enough words to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy, love and support you have extended to our family during this time of loss.

- The Morrison family 

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